Yorkshire & The Humber
Strategic Health Authority Forms


Local Supervising Authority (Midwifery) forms

                    Local supervising authority midwifery formal audit tool (.doc)

                    Supervisors of midwives questionnaire (.doc)

                    Midwives questionnaire (.doc)

                    Non-midwife questionnaire (.doc)

                    Student midwives audit questionnaire (.doc)

                    Service user telephone audit questionnaire (.doc)

                    Partners telephone audit Questionnaire (.doc)

                    Informal Audit tool (.doc)

                    Supervisor + Student Supervisor auditor Prompt Sheets (.doc)

                    Service user auditor prompt sheet (.doc)

                    NHS 111 live digital certficate request form (.doc)

Other forms                 

                    Application & Evaluation form for training and development (.pdp)

                    Cancer drugs fund application forms (online)

                    Commisioning expression of interest application form (.doc)

                    Confirmation of sick absence form (Appendix 4) (.php)

                    DNAR form (.pdf)

Flexible Working Application Form (Appendix 3) (.php)

                    Flexible Working Application Acceptance Form (Appendix 4) (.php)

                    Flexible Working Application Rejection Form (Appendix 5) (.php)

                    Flexible Working Extension Of Time Limit Form (Appendix 6) (.php)

                    Flexible Working Notice Of Withdrawal Form (appendix 7) (.php)

                    Flexible Working Appeal Form (Appendix 8) (.php)

                    Flexible Working Appeal Reply Form (Appendix 9) (.php)

                    Freedom of information request (e-mail)

                    Generic booking form (.php)

                    Improving clinical skills- proforma for submission of proposals (.php)

                    NHS fraud and corruption referral form (.php)

                    Notification of maternity and adoption leave (and claim for entitlements) (Page 17) (.php)

                    Pre-placement health questionnaire (.php)

                    Relocation reimbursement application form (.php)

                    Final Short Form LDA 0808 (.php)

Final Short Form LDA Schedule 1 Practice Placements - General Requirements (.php)

Short Form Final Short Form LDA Schedule 1 Part 2 Clinical Training Requirements (.php)

                    Short Form LDA - Schedule 2 Information Flows (.php)

                    Training contribution claim form (.xls)

Truncated Schedule 2 form v1 (.php)

Final Short Form LDA Schedule 3 Quality Assurance (.php)

Short Form LDA Schedule 4 Knowledge Services (.php)

                    Student evaluation form (.php)

                    Supervisor's report form (.php)

                    Work experience Health& Safety risk assessment questionnaire (.php)

Workforce risk assessment template (.php)

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