Practice Management Forms


Practice Management

                    6-8week new baby questionnaire (.doc)

                    360 degree staff appraisal form (.doc)

                    Abortion Act 1967 form (.jpg)

                    Absence notification form (.doc)

                    Acceptable behaviour contract (.doc)

                    Agenda for change handbook (.pdf)

                    Annual leave request form (.pdf)

                    Automated external defibrillator (AED)/oxygen checklist (.pdf)

                    CCTV data request form (.doc)

                    Change of address form (.jpg)

                    Claim for payment s158 Road traffic Act (.jpg)

                    Cleaning rota (.pdf)

                    Clinical audit report template (.doc)

                    Data collection spreadsheet (.xls)

                    Dispensary services review (including DRUM) (.pdf)

                    Educational agreement with GP trainee (online)

                    Electronic transfer of funds form (.doc)

                    Employee details form (.doc)
                    Employee details form (.pdf)

                    Employment contract (BMA) (.jsp)

                    Employment guidance document (.doc)

                    Exit interview form (.doc)

                    Exit interview questionnaire (.pdf)

                    Expedite out-patient appointment request (.jpg)

                    Expenses claim form (.doc)

                    Expenses claim form (alternative version) (.jpg)

                    Expenses claim form (alternative version) (.jpg)

                    Flexible working application form (FW1) (.doc)

                    Flexible working application acceptance form (.doc)

                    Flexible working application rejection form (.doc)

                    Flexible working appeal form (.pdf)

                    Flexible working appeal reply form (.pdf)

                    Flexible working extension of time form (.pdf)

                    Flexible working notice of withdrawal form (.pdf)

                    Financial year end checklist (.doc)

                    Fit note (.pdf)

                    Form R (.doc ) Annual education form for GP trainees

                    Gifts register (.doc)

                    Group training needs assessment tool (.xls)

                    Holiday request form (.doc)

                    Home visit record (.doc)

                    Interview performance score card (.doc)

                    Interview performnace score card (alternative version) (.jsp)

                    Job description (person specification- blank form) (.doc)

                    Job evaluation handbook (.aspx)

                    Letter to patient for DNA midwife appointment (.jpg)

                    Locum timesheet spreadsheet (.xls)

                    Managerial skill set assessment tool (.xls)

                    Managerial training needs assessment tool (.xls)

                    Medication record card (HP3) (1 of 2) (.jpg)

                    Medication record card (HP3) (2 of 2) (.jpg)

                    Meeting minutes and actions form (.pdf)

                    Mental concentration test form (.pdf)

                    Multiple intelligence tests form (.xls)

                    Newdoc patient information system form (.jpg)

                    Overtime claim form (.jpg)

                    Palliative care out-of-hours handover sheet (.doc)

                    Patient reference group (PRG) direct enhanced service (DES) document (.pdf)

                    Patient registration letter (.doc)

                    Patient request to join list denied (.jpg)

                    Prescription Pre-payment Certificates (PPC) (aspx)

                    Prescription register (.doc)

                    Pension credit application form (.pdf)

                    PPA claim spreadhseet and calculator (.xls)

                    Purchase order form 2 (.jpg)

                    Purchase order form 3 (.jpg)

                    Record of violence form (.pdf)

                    Reference confirmation letter (.pdf)

                    Reflective diary template (.doc)

                    Register as carer application form (.jpg)

                    Repeat dispensing agreement (.doc)

                    Request to register patient with a Tackling Violence Service (gptvs) (.doc)
                    Return to work form (.pdf)

                    Service level agreement (.html)

                    Service level agreement guidance document (online) regarding GP trainees

                    Sick-absence return to work form (.doc)

                    Significant event audit report (SEA) form (.jpg)

                    Significant event (SEA) record (.jpg)

                    Skill set and behaviour assessment tool (.xls)

                    Staff appraisal form (.doc)

                    Statutory adoption pay form (SAP1) (.pdf)

                    Statutory sick pay form (self certification form SC2) (.pdf)
                    Statutory sick pay form (self certification form SC2) (.pdf)

                    Statutory sick pay form (SSP1) (.pdf) England, Wales & Scotland

                    Statutory sick pay form (SSP1) (.pdf) Northern Ireland

                    Statutory maternity pay- why I cannot pay you form (.pdf)

                    Statutory paternity pay- why I cannot pay you form (.pdf)

                    Supportive care register form (SCR 2) (.jpg)

                    Supportive care register form (SCR 2)  front sheet (.jpg)

                    Summary of palliative care patients form (SCR 1) (.jpg)

                    Training evaluation form (.doc)

                    Training needs assessment form (.pdf)

                    UKCRA video declaration form (.jpg)

                    UKCRA videotape log book (jpg)

                    Video summary of consultations (.jpg)

                    Working time directive opt out form (.pdf)

General Medical Council

                    Appeals form (AP3) (.pdf) third party authorisation form

                    Application form for GP post approval (Form B) (.doc)

GMC general enquiries form (.asp)

                    GMC registration enquiries (online form)

                    GP registration application form (.asp)

                    PLAB test cancellation form (.pdf)

                    Specialist registration application form (.pdf)

                    Witness referral form (.pdf)

Her Majesty's Revenue & Customs

                    Matching certificate- statutory adoption leave and pay (.pdf)

                    SAP1 - Why I cannot pay you SAP (.pdf)

                    SAP2 - Statutory Adoption Pay record sheet (.pdf)

                    SMP2 - Statutory Maternity Pay record sheet (.pdf)

                    SPP1 - Why I cannot pay you SPP (.pdf)

                    SPP2 - Statutory Paternity Pay record sheet (.pdf)

                    SP32 - Late claim for recovery and NIC compensation on SSP (.pdf)

                    SC4 - Statutory Paternity Pay/Paternity Leave (.pdf)

                    SC5 Statutory Paternity Pay and paternity leave when adopting from abroad (.pdf)

                    SC6 Statutory Adoption Pay and adoption leave when adopting from abroad (.pdf)

Medical Protection Society

                    Cosmetic Clinic Proposal Form (.pdf)

                    Fertility Centre Proposal Form (.pdf)

                    Rehabilitation & Detox Treatment Centre Proposal Form (.pdf)

                    Unscheduled Care Proposal Form (.pdf)

                    Proposal Form (All other businesses) (.pdf)


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