Continuing Professional Development Forms

CFEP UK Surveys

                   360 patient and colleague feedback Improving Practice Questionaire (IPQ) application form (.pdf)        

                    Colleague evaluation feedback questionnaire (CEFT)(version 2) application form (.pdf)
                    GP assessment Improving Practice Questionaire application form (.pdf)

                    Interpersonal skills IPQ application form (.pdf)

                    Multi source feedback tool IPQ application form (.pdf)

                    Patient partnership in care application form (.pdf)

                    Practice feedback IPQ application form (.pdf)

                    Practitioner and practice IPQ application form (.pdf)

General Medical Council

General Medical Council (GMC) colleague questionnaire (.pdf) draft version

General Medical Council (GMC) patient questionnaire (.pdf) draft version

                    Medical appraisal guide (MAG) appraisal form (.pdf)

NHS Revalidation Support Team

nhs revalidation

                    Appraisal form 1-6 (.pdf)
                    Appraisal form 1-6 (.doc)

                    NHS Revalidation Support team contact form (email)

                    Pre appraisal form (.pdf)
                    Pre appraisal form (.doc)

                    Post appraisal form (.pdf)
                    Post appraisal form (.doc)

North East Primary Care Services Agency


                    Appraisal booklet (.doc)

                    Case review template (.doc)

                    Clinical audit report template (.doc)

                    Complaint report template (.doc)

                    Learning log template (.doc)

                    Review of quality improvement activities (QIA) template (.doc)

                    Significant event report template (.doc)

Royal College of General Practitioners


                    RCGP Case Based Discusion Assesment Form (CBD)

                    RCGP  Consultation Observation Technique Assesment Form (COT)

                    RCGP Clinical Supervisor's Report Form (CSR)

                    RCGP Direct Observation Procedure Assesment Form (DOPs)

                    RCGP Mini-Clinical Examination Form (Mini-cex)

                    RCGP Multi-Sourced Feedback Assesment Forms (MSF)

                    RCGP Patient Satisfaction Questionnaire (PSQ)

                    RCGP Video consent form (.jpg)

                    RCGP Video consent form (.jpg) alternative

NHS West Midlands


                    West Midlands Deanery form R7

                    West Midlands Deanery form R

                    UKCRA video declaration form

                    UKCRA videotape log book

                    Video summary of consultations


                    360 degree feedback form (.doc)

                    Clinical audit report template (.doc)

                    Continuing professional developmet (CPD) activities planner (.aspx)

                    CPD record card (.aspx)

                    Declaration of absence of complaints template (.doc)

                    Examining patient appraisal form (.jpg)

                    Health structured-reflective-template (.doc)

                    NHS pension SOLO form (.rtf)

                    Peer review audit sumbission form (.ashx)

                    Personal development plan (PDP) template (.doc)

                    PUNS-DENS form (.doc)

                    Pre-appraisal preparation form (.doc)

                    Probity structured-reflective-template (.doc)

                    Significant event template (.doc)

The following colleague surveys are deemed "fit for purpose" for revalidation

                    2Q Multi source feedback quetionnaire (.aspx)

                    CFEP colleague evaluation tool (CFET) (version 2) application form (.pdf)

                    Edgecumbe 360 degree colleague feedback questionnaire (online)

                    General Medical Council (GMC) colleague questionnaire (.pdf) draft version

                    Sheffield peer review assessment tool (GP-SPRAT) (.aspx)

The following patient surveys are deemed "fit for purpose" for revaildation

                    Consultation satisfaction questionnaire (.php)

                    Edgecumbe 360 degree patient feedback survey (version 2) (online)

                    General Medical Council (GMC) patient questionnaire (.pdf) draft version

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