Royal College of General Practitioners Forms


Accreditation Forms

            Application form for educational accreditation (.doc)

            Conflict of interest and speaker declaration form (.doc)

            Educational activity evaluation form (.doc)

            Education accreditation annual report template (.doc)

            Educational providers accreditation scheme Scotland (EPASS) online feedback questionnaire

            Licence accreditation agreement (.doc)

            Notice of intent to apply for quality practice award accreditation (.ashx)

            RCGP practice accreditation application form (.aspx)

            RCGP quality practice award accreditation consent form (.ashx)

            Substance misuse and associated health 2013 application form (.doc)

Clinical Forms

            Clinical advisor registration form (.ashx)

            CQC provider compliance assessment form (.doc)- cleanliness and hygiene

            CQC provider compliance assessment form (.doc) - medicines management

            CQC provider compliance asessment form (.doc) -assessing and monitoring the quality of service provision

            GP leadership programme application form (e-mail)

            New clinical priority proposal form (.ashx)

            Primary care self assessment toolkit (.aspx) self assessment audit

            RCGP library copyright registration form (.ashx)

            Sore throat audit template (.pdf)

GP Curriculum Case Illustrations

            Healthy people: promoting health and preventing disease (.pdf)

            Genetics in primary care (.pdf)

            Care of acutely ill people (.pdf)

            Care of children and young people (.pdf)

            Care of older adults (.pdf)

            Women’s health (.pdf)

            Men’s health .pdf)

            Sexual health (.pdf)

            End of life care (.pdf)

            Care of people with mental health problems (.pdf)

            Care of people with intellectual disability (.pdf)

            Cardiovascular health (.pdf)

            Digestive health (.pdf)

            Care of people who misuse drugs and alcohol (.pdf)

            Care of people with ENT oral and facial problems (.pdf)

Care of people with eye problems (.pdf)

            Care of people with metabolic problems (.pdf)

            Care of people with neurological problems (.pdf)

            Respiratory health (.pdf)

            Care of people with musculoskeletal problems (.pdf)

            Care of people with skin problems (.pdf)

GP Training

            Case Based Discussion (CBD) form (.pdf)

            Clinical Supervisor Report form (pdf)

            Consultation Observation Tool (COT) (.aspx)

            COT: patient consent form (pdf)

            Direct Observational Procedure (DOPs) form (.pdf)

            Educational Supervisor Report (ESR) guide (.ashx)

            Form for recording out of hours (OOHs) sessions (.doc)

            GP curriculum self assessment rating scale (.xls) - knowledge base only

            GP curriculum self assessment rating scale (.xls) - full curriculum version

            Gold Guide (.aspx) -infoirmation about ARCP and other aspects of specialty training

            Mini-CEX form (pdf)

            Multi-Source Feedback questionnaire (pdf)

            Patient Satisfaction Questionnaire [PDF]

            Trainee eportfolio log in (.asp)  

iMAP Forms

            iMAP application form (.doc)

            iMAP portfolio template (.doc)

            iMAP candidate context form (.doc)

            iMAP Criterion 1 Prescribing (.doc) -Module 1: prescribing

            iMAP Criterion 1 Guidance (.pdf)

            iMAP Criterion 2 Audit (.doc)- Module 2: audit

            iMAP Criterion 2 Guidance (.pdf)

            iMAP Criterion 3 SEA (.pdf) Module 3: significant event analysis

            iMAP Criterion 3 Guidance (.pdf)

            iMAP Criterion 4 Drugs (.doc) -Module 4: personally administered drugs

            iMAP Criterion 4 Guidance (.pdf)

            iMAP Criterion 5 Acute Illness (.doc) -Module 5: acute illness management

            iMAP Criterion 5 Guidance (.pdf)

            iMAP Criterion 6 Emergency Treatment (.doc) -Module 6: providing treatment in an emergency

            iMAP Criterion 6 Guidance (.pdf)

            iMAP Criterion 7 Long Term Care (.doc) -Module 7: long term patient care

            iMAP Criterion 7 Guidance (.pdf)

            iMAP Criterion 8 Learning (.doc) -Module 8: maintaining good medical practice

            iMAP Criterion 8 Guidance (.pdf)

            iMAP Criterion 9 PSQ (.doc) -Module 9: patient satisfaction questionnaire

            iMAP Criterion 9 Guidance (.pdf)

            iMAP Criterion 10 Complaints (.doc) -Module 10: complaints

            iMAP Criterion 10 Guidance (.pdf)

            iMAP Criterion 11 MSF (.doc) -Module 11: working with colleagues and in teams

            iMAP Criterion 11 Guidance (.pdf)

            iMAP Criterion 12 Referrals (.doc) -Module 12: referrals

            iMAP Criterion 12 Guidance (.pdf) -Module 12: referrals

            iMAP Criterion 13 Records (.doc) -Module 13: keeping good medical records

            iMAP Criterion 13 Guidance (.pdf)

            iMAP Criterion 14 Ethical Principles (.doc) -Module 14: ethical principles

            iMAP Criterion 14 Guidance (.pdf)

            iMAP Criterion 15 Safeguarding Children (.doc) -Module 15: safeguarding children

            iMAP Criterion 15 Guidance (.pdf) 

            iMAP definition of scores (.pdf)

Membership Forms

            Ait registration form (.aspx)

            Downloadable GP Foundation registration form for individuals (.ashx)

            Downloadable GP Foundation registration form for team membership (.ashx)

            Fellowship nominee’s form (.doc)

            Fellowship nominator’s form (.doc)

            Fellowship seconder’s form (.doc)

            Fellowship guidance notes (.pdf)

            First 5 Membership application form (.pdf)

            Full membership application form (.pdf)

            International membership application form (.pdf)

            Life membership application (e-mail)

            Recommend a colleague to the rcgp (online form)

            Register to join RCGP (.asp) -to join the General Practice Foundation

            Revalidation eportfolio log in

Research Forms

            Application for research grant (.doc)

            Kuenssberg award 2012 application form (.pdf)

            Research ready accreditation registration form (.aspx)

            Research ready practice nomination form (.aspx)

            RCGP awards application form (e-mail)

            Search the library catalogue (.aspx)

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