Department for Work & Pensions Forms



                    Attendance Allowance AA1A (.pdf)
                    Bereavement Benefits BB1 (.pdf)

                    Budgeting Loans – SF500 (.pdf)

                    Carer’s Allowance DS7001/DS700S2  (online form)

                    Carer's Allowance DS7001/DS700S2 (.pdf)

                    Child Benefit CH2 (.pdf)

                    Child Benefit CH2 (online form)

                    Child Maintenance Bonus CMB1 (.pdf)

                    Child Support Maintenance  (online form)

                    Child support maintenance (online form)

                    Claim form for locum payments  (.doc) -Avon PCT

                    Community Care Grants (.pdf)

                    Constant Attendance Allowance – Industrial Injuries (.pdf)

                    Constant Attendance Allowance – War Pension (.html)  - contact the UK Veterans Helpline via this link

                    Council Tax Benefit HCTB1 (.pdf)

                    Crisis Loans (.pdf)


                    Disability Living Allowance DLA1A – for a person aged 16 or over (.pdf)

                    Disability Living Allowance DLA1A – for a person aged 16 or over (.pdf) -online form

                    Disability Living Allowance DLA1A – for a child under 16 (.pdf)

                    Disability Living Allowance DLA1A – for a child under 16 (.pdf) -online form


                    Employment and Support Allowance (.pdf)

                    Employment and Support Allowance (.pdf) -online form


                    Funeral Payment (.pdf


                    Guardian's Allowance BG1 (.pdf)


                    Housing Benefit HCTB1 (.pdf)

                    Housing Benefit HCTB1 (.pdf) -online form


                    Incapacity Benefit SC1 (.pdf)

                    Industrial Injuries Disablement Benefit – accident (.pdf)

                    Industrial Injuries Disablement Benefit – disease or deafness (.pdf)

                    Income Support A1 (.pdf)


                    FW8 form- application for exemption of prescription charge (materinty) (.jpg)

                    Maternity Allowance MA1 (.pdf)

                    Maternity Allowance MA1 (.pdf) -online form

                    Med 3 form (pilot version 2009) (.doc)

                    Med 3 form (pilot version 2009 in Welsh) (.doc)


                    New claim form for locum payments (.doc)


                    Pension Credit application form (.pdf)

                    Pension Credit application form  (.pdf) -online form


                    Reduced Earnings Allowance BI103 (.pdf)

                    Retirement Pension BR1 (.pdf)

                    Retirement Pension Forecast BR19 (.pdf)

                    Retirement Pension Forecast BR19 (.pdf) -online form


                    Social Fund SF 100SM Sure Start Maternity Grant (.pdf)

                    Social Fund SF 200 Funeral Payment (.pdf)

                    Social Fund SF 300 Community Care Grant (.pdf)

                    Social Fund SF401 Crisis Loan (.pdf)

                    Social Fund SF 500 Budgeting Loan (.pdf)

                    Statutory Maternity Pay SMP1 (.pdf)

                    Statutory Sick Pay SSP1 (.pdf)

                    Statutory Sick Pay SSP1 (.pdf) -online form


                    Vaccine Damage Payment VAD1A (.pdf)


                    War Disablement Pension WPA0001 (,pdf)

                    War Disablement Pension WPA0002 Further Condition Claim (.pdf)

                    War Disablement Pension WPA0012 Application for a review (.pdf)

                    War Disablement Pension WPA3 CAA Constant Attendance Allowance (.html)  -Veterans Helpline

                    War Disablement Pension WPA3 WPMS War Pensioners Mobility Supplement (.html) -Veterans Helpline

                    War Disablement Pension WPA ALSO Allowance for Lowered Standard Occupation (.html) -Veterans
                    War Disablement Pension WPA CLOTHING Clothing Allowance (.html)-Veterans Helpline

                    War Disablement Pension WPA1C WDP Civilians & Civil Defence Volunteers (.pdf)

                    War Disablement Pension WPA1M WDP Mercantile Marine (.pdf)

                    War Disablement Pension WPA10 Claim for Funeral Expenses (.pdf)

                    War Pension Unemployability Supplement (.html) -Veterans Helpline

                    War Widow’s Pension WPA0004 (.pdf)

                    War Widow’s Pension WPA0004R Restored War Widows Pension (.pdf)

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