Care Quality Commission Forms


Controlled drugs- accountable officers notification forms

                    Controlled drugs accountable officers (.doc)

                    Controlled drugs accountable officer notifications (.doc)

                    Controlled drugs accountable officer online notification form (.doc)

Forms for registered service providers

                    Add a location: Provider application (.doc)

                    Add a regulated activity: Provider application  (.doc)

                    Cancel all regulated activities: Provider application (.doc)

                    Remove a location: Provider application (.doc)

                    Remove a regulated activity: Provider application (.doc)

                    Vary or cancel a suspension (.doc)

                    Vary or remove a condition: Provider application (.doc)

Forms for unregistered service providers

                    New provider application form for individuals (.doc)

                    New provider: Individual application (.doc)

                    New provider: Organisation application (.doc)

                    New provider: Partnership application (.doc)

Mental Health Act notification forms

                    Mental Health Act notification: Absent without leave (AWOL) of a detained pt (.doc)

                    Mental Health Act notification: Death notification (.doc)

Safeguarding forms

                    CQC Section 61 Review of Treatment Form (.doc)

                    Notification on adult safeguarding (.doc)

                    Notifications on child safeguarding email

Statutory nofication forms

                    Statutory notification: Abuse or allegations of abuse concerning a person who uses the service (.doc)

                    Statutory notification: Death of a person using the service (.doc)

                    Statutory notification: Death of a registered provider (.doc)

                    Statutory notification: Events that stop the service running safely and properly (.doc)

                    Statutory notification: Personal representative's plans for a service after the death of a
                                                                                                                                    registered provider (.doc)
                    Statutory notification: Return of a registered person from an absence of 28 or more days (.doc)

                    Statutory notification: Serious injury to a person who uses the service (.doc)

Other forms

                    Ionising radiation (medical exposure) regulations (IRMER)notification form (.doc) of exposure
                                                                                                                                        much greater than intended
                    Enforcement representations form (.doc)

                    Enforecment warning notice representations form (.doc)

                    Freedom of information request (email)

                    Delegation visit request form (.doc) Fill in this form to request to visit CQC.

                    Central Alerting System CAS) contact details form (.doc) to receive safety alerts from CAS

                    Feedback form for people who represent local groups (.doc)

                    Report an unregistered service (online)

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